External power supply not sBooster for D2

I want to use a different external power supply and not an sBooster for my Lumin d2, utilizing a DC cable with a 5.5x2.1 male barrel connector. Is there someone I can send my D2 that can make the appropriate modification to the D2 input jack? Or, if it is easy enough, I can solder, can I do this myself? Thank you.

Ended up buying sBooster with the connector kit. I could not find anyone knowing how to utilize a different LPS. I only have 100 hours on it but I am finding the sound quality of the D2 with the sBooster to be quite bright. In the first 10 hours it sounded very good, smooth, much better rhythm and pace, faster and harder hitting bass, and the previous slight glare in the mid treble disappeared. For the next 40 hours the SQ seemed to go in various directions and became fairly congested. The it just went consistently bright and the early great bass and PRAT are missing. I have about 15 days to send it back so I will see how it goes over the next 200 hours. I am hearing a slight reduction in the brightness as of today so that’s a good sign.