External Source Identification

I’ve been wondering if Roon (c/o the device you use as a control point) could run a Shazam style search to identify say a record or CD you may be listening to and present all artwork & bio info as with albums in its own database?
I frequently use Roon, listen to CD’s and LP’s when having a music session… thoughts / comments?


No idea what this is…

…and don’t understand how this differs from what’s already available.

The mic on the device listens to the TV or similar and identifies the track.
I’d just carry on using Google or Shazam or whatever then search.
Very little gain for a shed load of effort or cost.
Effort - sound profiling every track in existence
Cost - buying in the profiles.

I still don’t get it… if you’re playing some music on Roon, you know what it is. Or is the idea to do what Shazam does for music not played through Roon? That seems pointless too, if there are already apps available.

If I hear something on the radio or TV I don’t know, I simply search for the lyrics to identify the track.

Not in roon I presume.

I don’t understand either. If you are not listening to music in Roon then why would you have a Roon remote open or why would you want one to open automatically? And what if you have multiple Roon remotes? Isn’t Shazam more for music that is unknown to you, say from TV or radio? What about the booklet from the CD you just popped in (better question why isn’t that CD imported into Roon)?

Does that mean, you’re preferring to listen to CD’s and LP’s the way they were listened to in the distant past, rather than ripping or digitizing them?

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I may be wrong, but I suspect the OP is asking if Roon could perform a Shazam-like search then display the relevant details from within Roon. So, instead of using Shazam, then having to look up the relevant artist or track within Roon, this would be automated for you … click the RoonZam button, and all the details appear. I’m with @ged_hickman1 - a small gain, for a lot of effort, and I doubt it will ever happen - but it’s a nice idea.

Thank you Dave,

Agree re the potential effort, others could do well to appreciate some excellent software features/functions come from collective ideas and contributions of others however.

Anyway, interesting to come here, make post and see how others chime in

Very happy with Roon (plus Vinyl and Hifi in general these days). We really are fortunate to have so much excellent hardware (and content) on tap!


Maybe articulate your feature request with a little more clarity next time. There was no criticism, just little comprehension of what you were suggesting.

Certainly, this was necessary to arrive at the correct conclusion.