External USB drive connected to core spin-up delay

I have a NUC running ROCK, connected to an SOtM endpoint via Ethernet. Music is on an attached 10TB external drive connected via USB 3 (WD Elements). Whenever I don’t play music for a while and then play a track, there is a delay of around 15 seconds before it plays. I presume this is related to the disk spinning up. This is pretty frustrating; is there any way to address this?

Hi @extracampine,

Does the issue only happen when you play content from your external drive - does TIDAL/Qobuz play without any delay? Does the issue only impact the SOtM or all of your audio zones?

Hi @noris,

I don’t use any streaming services but the issue affects all zones, not just the SOtM.

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This is probably the WD drive spin down as you suspect. It’s generally a firmware feature of the drive so not something an OS tweak can fix. This post on another forum gives some background. WD did provide a utility to disable this on the elements drives but I’ve no idea if it’s current. Here’s some background on the utility and here’s the link to the utility for Windows and another for Mac. Page 26 of this manual tells you how it’s done.

Good luck.


Thanks a lot @killdozer - I will look into that!

Hi @extracampine,

Since the issue impacts multiple zones then yes, the drive could be the source of the issue.
I’d look into the links @killdozer suggested, let us know if you’re able to reach a solution!

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