External USB drive

I have a NUC running ROCK using a Bluesound Vault as my player. Both are connected directly to the router via ethernet. Currently, I am using the NAS drive as the backup and backing up any new Rips to a 2 TB Samsung SSD drive, which currently has 1800 albums (combination of Rips and High-res files. I have the SSD connected directly to the NUC and this setup seems to work fine. I guess my question is: is the current setup the best way to run things or would it be better to connect the SSD to the Vault and then access it from there? Thanks.

I presume by this you mean the music you are playing is on the drive attached to the NUC? If so then that is the right way to do it. Otherwise the NUC would grab the file from the disk attached to the vault, process it and then send it back again.

Thanks. I figured that would be the case.

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