External WiFi dongle?

Hi Harry,

How does one configure an external WiFi dongle on a Raspberry Pi 3 with RoPieee?

I realize this has probably already been asked and answered, but I couldn’t turn it up on a search.


is there a version of the PI 3 without onboard wifi?
All the ones I have seen have wifi onboard so no need for a dongle…
to configure the wireless just go to the network tab on the ropieee web interface…

are you trying to get a stronger signal or something?

Hi @Carl_Seibert

Very simple: if you have an external dongle it will take preference when configuring it. There’s nothing you need to do as a user.


Hmm. I see that the root password is still the same as it was early in your main announcement thread. So I should be able to apply myself and answer more of my own questions in the future. Still, always nice talking to you.

Thank you for a wonderful project!