Extra Caching to stop the 'you haven't played any music yet' when viewing history

Another minor detail from me, but it would be great to never see the ‘you haven’t played any music yet’ box when you go to history. It was nice the first time when I hadn’t played anything, but……

I know you can clear history now, but it still pops up after a while, and I actually really like all the history.

Perhaps this, and album art and anything else useful could be cached locally and just a quick sync to update? I have a 64 bit iPad dedicated to Roon so syncing should be quick and space isn’t a premium :wink:

(this issue on iPad and mac based remote, but since I mainly use iPad now, I put it here)

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Hello @hifi_swlon, thank you for the feedback. We know about this issue and virtualizing the history browser is on our to-do list, no timelines yet, but we’ll post more updates as soon as we can.