Extremely slow playback of Qobuz

Over at Devialetchat I felt in need to respond to the ever-repeated bashing against the Devialet Spark software and praising of Roon. Since v1.6 Roon’s performance in direct comparison with Devialet Spark, specifically the Qobuz implementation is underwhelming. Here are some of my findings:
Lately, since the v1.6 of Roon I’m finding myself using Devialet Spark more again. The Qobuz integration in Spark is so much snappier than Roon’s Qobuz implementation. On Fridays I often scan all new albums in the different genres. In Spark the albums play within a fraction of a second and in Roon I wait 10-20 seconds until an album starts to play. Same network, same Devialet Phantom setup (RAAT on a RPi3 fed into the Phantom’s optical input). Currently, Roon is very lame in search and streaming performance, specifically for streaming Qobuz in my case. In Spark’s search function I can type ACT and I get all albums from the ACT label. In Roon I only get those I have in my library with or without focus function. Combinations of label and Composer/Artist are found snappy in Spark and take ages in Roon (sometimes 10-30s). I’m still confident that the Roon team will be able to iron out these performance problems in Roon. But one needs to say that Devialet made over the years a well performing software. Unfortunately, they gave up on it instead of adding important features for better curation of one’s own library with tagging features etc. But the pure performance on single and multiroom playback of the own library, digital/optical inputs, and many streaming services is currently unmet even by Roon. Playback delays/interruption when switching from an Airplay device to a RAAT device in Roon are awful. With v1.5 Roon performed well. So let’s hope v1.6 will get back on track. I only wanted to mention also the ‘stars’ of computer audio software struggle, too and maybe now with multiple streaming services even more than the often criticized Devialet Spark app developers.

I’ve moved this here… this 10-20 seconds thing is not normal and should be treated like a support issue.

Thanks, I’ve just seen that there is a new version available (build 401). I’ll test if the performance changes to gets back to what I’m used from Roon.

Hello @streamy68,

In addition to verifying the behavior on build 401, can you please provide some more information regarding your setup here?

  • What is the Core machine and specs?
  • How is it connected to the network, over WiFi or Ethernet?
  • Does this same issue occur for “System Output” or other zones?
  • Do you notice this issue occur with lower quality Qobuz streams as well or just high-res?


  • MacMini late 2014, 8GB, 1T fusion drive, music folder on 2T external USB3 drive, MacOS Mojave 10.14.2
  • Ethernet connection to router
  • Haven’t used system output, I’m travelling the next 7 days, then I will be able to try if system output is faster/different
  • I have Qobuz sublime not sublime+, i.e. CD quality streaming from Qobuz. So, no Hires streaming, except of purchased albums, but I read that this feature (streaming of purchased albums) is now temporarily removed in build 401. The described experience mainly happens when I go through the Qobuz page in Roon and want to stream CD quality and tracksfrom albums that are not in my library. But, as far as I can recall it also happens with those Qobuz albums that I have added to my library. I does not happen when I stream local files. The behavior is not consistent, bu very disturbing and unpleasant. Some tracks play after 2-4s, but many only after 10 or more seconds. The bottom bar indicates a fast moving (flashing?) bluish light indicator. Thiswas the experience with build 390. I tried yesterday evening with build 401 and streaming tracks from Qobuz was more consistent with 2-4s delays, a few tracks took 8-10s to start. So performance seems to be better, but maybe this is because it was not weekend? But definitely I do not experience with Devialet Spark (Dialog streamer is connected to the same router with Ethernet as the MacMini) any starting delays with streaming the same albums from Qobuz at the same quality (CD).
    When I’m back from traveling I will be able to further test and also see if the behavior is independent from the output (system output, airplay, RAAT on ethernet, and RAAT over wifi (both RPi).
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Thanks for letting me know that info @streamy68. I look forward to hearing your results on System Output when you are back from your travels.

– Noris

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