Extremely slow scanning of music files

Hey @Pieter_Vroon,

I’m sorry it’s taking us much longer than we’d like to reply. Your thread is still in our technical team’s queue - it was not overlooked.

Please, bear with us just a little longer. You should hear back from Noris as soon as possible :pray:

Hello @Pieter_Vroon ,

Thank you for your patience here while we’ve had a chance to look over the new log file set, Roon still appears to be displaying an error with the Unicode formatting on one of your storage locations.

We have escalated your case to our QA team and are awaiting further feedback, thank you in advance for your continued patience here!

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@support. Many thanks for looking into the spinning wheel problem, which still exists.

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Hi @Pieter_Vroon

Can you please do the following?

  1. Close Roon if it is running
  2. Right click the Roon icon and select “properties” from the drop down menu.
  3. You will see a field titled “target”. Place ‘-storagetrace’ or whatever other flag has been requested at the end of the “target’ input field.
  4. Make sure the “start in” input field ends with “application folder” and nothing else.
  5. Start Roon by double-clicking on the shortcut.
  6. Let Roon run for ~5 minutes
  7. Close Roon
  8. Use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service).
  9. After uploading the logs for Roon Support, remember to go back and remove the flag from your shortcut.

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I have followed the instructions and uploaded the log files here:
Roon logs

Thanks so much @Pieter_Vroon!

Dylan will take a look at get back to you as soon as possible :pray:

Hi @Pieter_Vroon

Just wanted to update you and let you know that our QA team is looking into the logs that you sent. I appreciate you doing that! We’ll be in touch once they’ve been able to analyze the report.

@support. Did your QA team have a look at the log files?

Hey @Pieter_Vroon,

I couldn’t be more thankful that you’ve revived this thread :star2:

Please, allow me just a bit to get in touch with our team and see where things were left off. I’ll follow up as soon as possible :nerd_face:

Hello @Pieter_Vroon ,

Thank you for your patience here!

Yes, QA did get a chance to look over your log files and they believe that this issue may be stemming from the following directory:

F:\[24bits96kHz]\Philharmonischer Kinderchor Dresden - Abendlieder (2019) (Sony) [24bits 96kHz]

Can you please try to move this folder to another location (where Roon is not scanning) and verify if that helps resolve the issue?

Thank you!

Dear Noris,

Many thanks for the reply. Removing this directory did resolve the issue!


Hello @Pieter_Vroon ,

That is fantastic news, thanks for letting us know that moving this directory resolved the issue for you!
I would kindly request the folder causing this issue so that I can forward this to the QA team to hopefully prevent this issue for other users, I have followed up via private message on where you can upload this folder, thanks!

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