F80 Volume Control

Is it possible to control the volume of the F80 via a Endpoint? is there possibility of comms into F80 ?

The only reference I have ever managed to find for remote control of the F80, was:


(Right down the bottom)

Unknown whether this functionality was only available on ‘test’ versions and it doesn’t appear to have been documented anywhere. Also not clear as to whether this was the RS232 port in the iPod dock connector or an onboard header.

Shame Meridian couldn’t have used an RS232 (iPod dock) -> speakerlink cable and had the MS200 integrate with an F/M 80 with custom firmware.

Can anyone else contribute anything on the RS232 control protocol / availability?
If nothing else, it would help integrate the device into home control systems.


Thats pretty cool, i didn’t realise that the port was in-fact a RS232 port. Source, ON/OFF and volume controlled via a raspberry pi3 would do the trick, Speakerlink to MS200 would be the ultimate like you mentioned also. There’s a lot of F80’s out there that would use this feature I think.

Forgot about the F80 firmware-update lead Meridian stock code: SP5478AA, so yes definitely a serial port that can be controlled.