Facebook Formatting of Roon Posts

A few comments about the way Roon posts to Facebook:

I want to be able to post any song I’m playing on Facebook where the album art that’s embedded in each of my files is full size on Facebook (in my case 1000x1000 pixels @72 dpi).

I do not like the way that Room puts all of the text (titles, artist, album name, etc.) into the graphic and not as text in the description portion of the posting. If I choose to include the album description, I don’t want to see it truncated.

The graphical text isn’t available for searching and, in fact, is a disservice to individuals who have difficulty with their sight and have to use assisted text reading by their OS.


Amen. Image-based sharing, I think, is the screwiest thing Roon’s done yet. Also worth noting: the shared images don’t link to anything, not event the full version of a review that’s been truncated in the image.

I think the Open Graph protocol might be great for this (and it will work on other sites as well):


It could show metadata and even link to Tidal if the track was Tidal-sourced or other music services.

Not a lot of time for tinkering right now but I’ve thought about creating an add-in for this as a proof of concept. Just throwing the idea out there in case anyone else wants to give it a go!