Fade in out crossfade possibility like jriver34 does

plse should be very important to include a control for fade out with modes aggressive sloww ,very im portant to me at this point, aparta from that i should be very happy if cds could be played with roon, and as i am working in headlessmode replacem,ent the shell with roon

Hi Wilfredo…yes, Roon does crossfade. The control is within the settings for each zone.

Roon does not play CDs - you have to rip them first!

I mean crossfae in out between tracks or album I pretend to mix the songs about 6 seconds . are we talking the same thing??
i dont see any change between 0 sec. and 6 seconds .pls any help?

That’s definitely the place to set crossfade.

I’m waiting until the end of Whole Lotta Love to see if it crossfades to the next song. In my experience, crossface has been a pretty unstable feature with Roon and is a little fussy about zones, codecs, etc. I imagine good crossfade is hard to do with different sampling rates and such, perhaps challenged by what DACs support in terms of real time sample rate changes.

It did just crossfade, so I am not crazy. But yes, it does not always do so and songs with different sampling or bitrates, or combined zones, can interfere. That’s been my experience.