Fail to update 2.0 on Nas

How can I do?
It’s still tried update 2.0.
I can’t do anything.
I can’t use roon service after trying update 2.0.
Please help me.

Hi Yeonho,

I’m sorry to hear about your issues upgrading to 2.0. I have moved your post to the support section, so support will see it.

Could you also fill in the information form below to assist support. Thanks!


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Synology DS220+
CPU : 2G memory :10G
AP : Xiaomi AX3600 (connected LAN to Roon core(Nas server))
Auodio : Cambridge evo150
Library: I don’t know exactly
Issue : Can’t update

I’ve sawed the your response to other person’s same issue. It’s okay after AC cord off on my roon core server(Nas)
Thank you and Have a wonderful day.

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