Failed composition recognition


Rostropovich - The complete EMI Recordings is recognized by Roon, but not all compositions are deisplayed as such:

Is there a manual workaround for this? It would be really a pain to report all these incicents and wait for correction in any of the 3rd party databases.
The longer I play around the more I think: all great with this wizarding metadata thingie, but at the end the user looses control and fully depends on a 3rd party to maintain metadata as desired… Honestly, I could live without all that 3rd party stuff and just be able to fill all of these fields manually. I already have tags for my classical music, I have works, parts (even if the tags are called differently at the moment), recording venues and dates, reviews, even work descriptions.

I do understand that I may be in the minority and that’s ok. But everytime I look at Roon and think: it’s terrific, but I don’t have control over the data - that’s what’s putting me off, still.