Failed to Initialize the Audio device and Select an audio zone

Gentlemen, good morning! I live in Brazil.

I am a Roon subscriber

My System:

Mac mini 2018 with i7-Core, 16GB of Ram, 512 SSD and macOS Ventura 13.2;
Dac PSAudio DirecSteam;
Oppo 205; and
Singxer US-6 USB Audio Bridge.

Usage: USB A to B; USB C to B; and also network cable (DLNA) for Dac PSAudio DirecSteam and Oppo 205.


When I use USB (any of them), sometimes, when I switch playlists from TIDAL to Library with local albums (external SSD) and vice versa, the following problem occurs: it stops playing the song, revealing the following messages: “Failed to Initialize the Audio device”; and then “Select an audio zone”.

It seems to me that when switching between tidal playlist and local library, Roon loses the zone.
This problem didn’t exist before macOS Ventura or Roon 2.0, I’m not sure.

OBS.: when I use the network cable connection (DLNA), the problem does not occur.


@support Gentlemen:

I would like help to solve the problem presented in my poster above.


Hi @JOAO_JOSE_Da_Silva,

I can take a look at this for you and will be happy to do so as soon as possible.

Can you please duplicate the issue and get me the date/time/track playing information so I can look at diagnostics?


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Hello goodnight

OK! But how do I do it?


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