Failed to initiate the audio device

My Mac Mini and NAD C 658 are connected, and the latter shows the track selected. But I get ‘failed to initiate audio device’. I can make no sense of it.


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Having problems connecting ROON to my media player. The Core is on my Mac Mini, and main music storage is a 1TB LaCie Porche USB HD containing my Apple Media/Apple Music. The media player is a NAD C 658 which feeds a Cambrige 851 A amp. The Mac Mini uses a Time Capsule as server. The Time capsule is connected to an Orange Livebox at the other end of the house, by ethernet cable. I have set up a decicated Wi-Fi network for music, with an ethernet connection back to the living room and another router, as the wif-fi in the house is too weak. The Time Capsule router is connected to the NAD by an ethernet cable. I don’t actually think that works, as the audio out options on the Mac preferences selects Airplay. That works sometimes, but now tracks selected using ROON only play for a few seconds then stop. I can’t see how to correct this. I can also get the NAD to play tracks using BluOS, which recognises ROON. Obviously I’d prefer to use ROON because the interface is so much better and all my music sources can theoretically be accessed. I am not network savvy, so there may be basic errors in the setup.

Same here. I absolutely hate Roon! Waste of money.

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