Failed to open the audio device in 1.8

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I guess I hit the wrong button.

Running Mac OS X 11.2.1 with Roon 1.8
DEQX HDP-5 Endpoint
Both the Mac and the DEQX are using wired Ethernet from the same switch
IPhone 12 runnnig Roon 1.8

Upgraded to 1.8 a few days ago. I can play music on some of my devices, like a Sonos speaker for example. Also I can see my DEQX on both the phone and the Mac. But if I play music on either the phone or the Mac and choose the DEQX as the output, I instantly get a message “failed to open the audio device.” I have rebooted everything a few times. Any ideas?

Hi @Randy_Eddy

Can you share a screenshot of the settings for the DEQX?

Did this work okay before the 1.8 update, or has this always occurred with this device?

Can you confirm that the firmware on the DEQX is fully up to date?


I believe that the problem occurred after the upgrade to 1.8. Before that it worked swimmingly. According to the DEQX, their last firmware version was June of 2020 and that is what I am running. I sent a note to DEQX to see if their is something newer that hasn’t yet been posted.



To follow up, DEQX support got back to me and this is all fixed. It was an issue with the USB board on the DEQX not syncing up correctly. So all on their end and hardware not software. In case anyone else needs it. Here are the steps I was given to fix the issue.

  1. Select the setting page on the display.
  2. Select shutdown and ok. Wait till the display turns off.
  3. Turn off the mains power on the rear panel wait 1min then turn on.
  4. Once the display is up try Roon again… this could take a few try’s.
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