Failed to run package service

Hi There,

I upgraded my NAS to a Synology DS918+ with 120 GB SSD to run Roonlabs on. (Had issues with my DS218)

Followed the instruction with installing Roon .spk file with manual install. Roonserver as shared folder installed. Running the Roonlabs .spk file stops with the error: Failed to run package service.

What is going wrong in this process? Hope you can help.

Regards, Michael

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Hi Michael,
Just to be sure, did you create the RoonServer shared folder with the correct capitalazation (Uppercase “R” and uppercase “S” and “RoonServer” – in one word)?
When does the error occur? Is it during the install process or when it is already installed?
In case it shows up after the install process: Can you click the “View Log” text and post it as a screenshot? (like in the picture below)

Hello Christopher,

Thanks for the quick feedback, enclosed 3 screenshots which show the setup. RoonServer folder is on my SSD. DS918+ with 4 GB RAM.
In setup I ticked various boxes allowing access to shared folders, including guests and administrator read/write.

During manually installing, it stops and gives an error message during loading: “cannot execute service” (well, in Dutch it says, Kon packet service niet uitvoeren).



Thanks. Is the 120 GB SSD sitting in an internal bay or is it connected by USB?

Also, I can see in the window in the background 3 shared folders:

  • Diskstation
  • Diskstation 2
  • SSD Drive

In the shared folder “SSD Drive” is a regular folder RoonServer.
Can you check your settings in “Configuratiescherm” -> “Gedeelde map”?
I assume, you will find the 3 folders above there. Instead the RoonServer share needs to be created there.

This is how it looks on my DiskStation:

Thanks Christopher, changed the name of the SSD drive to RoonServer and voila that did the trick! All good. Previously had Roonserver on one of the drives, which allowed the diskstation to have a shared folder as RoonServer. Now the hard drive name solved the issue. Rapidly loading the music collection now.

Hello, I’m new to Roon and I am trying to install the package form to run on Synology DS416play based on a Celeron N3060 running DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 3 . It instals fine on a dedicated RoonServer directory but fails to run package service. Any idea as to why and possible fix?


So you have created a shared folder called „RoonServer“, installed the app in the package center and it does not run?
Are there any ToonServer related messages in the Log Center?

No… Just a message stating Roon Server has been successfully installed

Did you get some kind of message that Roon Server failed to run on your Diskstation, when you start the service or do you assume it is not running (because no window is opening on in the Diskstation Manager)?
Roon Server itself has no graphical interface on the Synology. After the service has been started you need a remote device (PC/Mac/Android/iOS) to connect to it.

Hello Chris, not sure why I get this message, since feb 2018 Roon has been running smoothly. Roon is still running on my Synology NAS (Diskstation) and has to my knowledge no issues.

Regards, Michael