Failed upgrade to 1.3 [solved]

I had Roon Server working on my QNAP TVS871 but tonight after starting up Roon on my iPad I got the message that 1.2 would no longer work and the choice left was pressing retry but than nothing happened. Than I deleted Roon from the iPad. I installed Roon Remote again which should have been 1.3. Now every time I start Roon I see Choose your Core and looking for remote libraries.
Pressing Why can’t I find my libraries and entering the network address of my NAS doesn’t help…
If I install Roon on my laptop it starts and I can add my music files.

my friend has exactly the same issues on his Qnap, he has had to move to a Mac for now!


Found out what was the matter. On my QNAP the network connection was switched of. After enabling it and starting Roon on my iPad the RoonServer on the NAS was found and everything went smoothly along.