Failing ethernet hubs/switches-the culprit!

Just an fyi here. for months I was having streaming problems. My music was cutting out so much on a frequent basis I started to give up trying to stream music. Over time the problem became so problematic I had to have our cable company, Comcast visit our home four times. Still the problem persisted even though Comcast found some poor quality coax cable and a bad connection at the street.

Well, it turned out that both of my Cisco/Linksys model 2500 five port switches were failing on a regular basis causing the dropout in the internet connection. Since my hubs were either ‘buried’ in the back of a cabinet or under a pile of cabling, I never studied the blinking lights to see that they would just pulsate on, then off.

Anyway, with new switches, music now streams endlessly.

Check those ports!




If you can, get yourself some managed switches so you can monitor and get alerts via SNMP in case of problems.

GTK… didn’t know those existed… that would have saved my tons of time! thxs for the tip!

If you don’t get the settings right, managed switches can cause problems with Roon.


Managed switches - more trouble than they are worth in a home network, IMO.

And what would those settings be?

Don’t be afraid to get something you can monitor!
If it is what it takes, get the settings right. It’s not that difficult and gives you peace of mind when it comes to a crucial bit of architecture behind Roon.

Really? You would rather have mysterious problems?


Not so hard to configure, at least my Netgear managed switch:

  1. IGMP snooping: everything off (snooping itself, header validation, unknown addresses)
  2. Flow control: off on every port

Network switches are so cheap, just replace once in a while or at the first sign of trouble. Keep a spare in the house…

‘Smart’ switches are a good halfway house; fractionally more expensive and have some monitoring and settings but are less expensive and complex than a managed switch (which is complete overkill for 99% of homes with no requirements of that nature or owned by ex-sysadmins).

Highly recommend the netgear smart range. Habe two dumb and one smart and live the ability to check dead cables, dropped packets etc.

Also, in the FYI theme (although I am an admitted techno-troglodyte), I live on an acreage and needed a wide wifi zone (outdoor music, security cameras etc).
I therefore had my favourite techie install numerous repeaters.
Before long Roon music streaming was cutting out constantly, then my amplifier was cutting off and on.
My system consists of Classé amp and preamp, together with an Antipodes DX, and the dealer I purchased these (and other components for another zone) items from was at a loss and suggested bring them in so they could perform diagnostics.
As the dealer is a four hour drive away, I had the techie come up first - and he quickly diagnosed the issue and the solution was to hard wire the components to the local network and assign each their own own IP addresses - problem solved - system works flawlessly. I would never have guessed, and hope this info may help,others.

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