Failing importing iTunes playlists

Roon Core Machine

I run the Roon Core on a HP laptop with the following specs (excuse for the swedish labels)


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

The music files, and iTunes library is located on an Synology NAS DS216play with software version 7.1-42661 update 3.
The size of the library (total, includes both iTunes and other) as scanned by Roon) is 33376 tracks.

Description of Issue

Roon fails in finding my iTuned playlists. As far as I can see, I have followed all instructions. I use the iTune app. It updates the library XML-file properly, as seen by the following screen dump
iTune library
. The dump also shows the path to the location of the XML-file, which is inside the scanned directory
Roon setting

Selecting My Stuff->Playlists still shows up empty.

Hey @Mats_Molander ,

Can you please open the XML and share a screenshot of the contents? How are you referencing the music files, using absolute or relative path?


Regarding how I reference the files, I don’t know. I just selected the music library in the app by a mouse selection. The result of that as shown in the app setting section is
I currently use the BluOs app to listen to my music, and it finds my playlists without problems. There I have given the path to the library as //MatsDiskStation/music (MatsDiskStation is my given name for the NAS drive).
Below is a screendump of the top of the XML-file.

Hello @Mats_Molander ,

Apologies for the slow response here, I was doing a review of older cases and I noticed I missed your reply here, are you still seeing this issue? If so, it looks like you are using localhost and a mapped music drive, would you be able to use a relative path to the files instead?

The workaround to edit all file references in the large xml-file to have relative paths I actually used a long time ago when also bluesound had this problem of not finding the playlists. Eventually they solved this so that this fix is no longer required.
For now, with roon, I instead from within iTunes export each individual playlist (to m3u format), and those are found by roon. As I manage my playlists with iTunes, this is handier for me than having to enter a text-editor to edit the xml-file each time a playlist has been modified.


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