Failing Intel NUC 7i7 BNH running Roon ROCK - How to diagnose?

My Roon Core is running 24/7 on an Intel NUC 7i7 BNH since early January 2018.
It lives in a temperature controlled APC NetShelter CX 24U rack.

Recently Rock failed and I had to reboot the NUC.
Now during my holidays abroad I fails again.

How can I diagnose what hardware is failing? The NUC? The memory? The SSD?

Memory is Crucial 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR4 2133 MT/s (PC4-17000) SODIMM 260-Pin.
The SSD is a Samsung MZ V6E2 S24 A450BW SSD 960 Evo Nvme M.2 250 MB.

Any suggestions?

Try attaching an HDMI monitor or TV then cycle the nuc to see if you get any information.

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In the BIOS home screen there may be some failure codes, on left hand side, potentially related to hardware issues.

I find I have to ‘blow’ out the internal fan, to clear any dust. I use a photo blower and take the bottom off the NUC while I am doing it. Surprising how much dust comes out.


You can also, boot the NUC to a live Windows or Linux usb, and then run some hardware diagnostics.


You can also just buy a new M2 SSD, re-install Rock, and restore a backup.

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Assuming that it is the drive. It could be memory or motherboard according to the OP.

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Statistically it is most likely to be a failing M.2 drive. But to lose a Samsung branded device is unusual. I’ve the exact same model so I’d be interested in the outcome of this.

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In my experience SSDs fail spectacularly, i.e. working then, not working. I have never seem them fail in the traditional spinning rust sense, i.e over a period of time.

My guess is its software related, perhaps a reinstall would be on the cards.

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10 bucks on the SSD. Change it to start with. 4-5 years is about the expected lifetime of an consumer desktop SSD in a constant use.

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You are all probably right. Although, Samsungs rarely fail in my experience. But, having worked on enough PCs you see all the edge cases. Memory Fails, Power Supply Fails, Motherboard fails, the cooling isn’t what you expect, etc. Personally, if one element fails, imho, it is a good idea to just check out the other elements during the repair.

Once a year, I make sure all the dust is out of my ROCK NUC, a 7i5, and I run some system diagnostics to make sure that everything is working. It is one of the things I’ve kept saying I wanted in ROCK 2.0. At least a way to look at the internal temps.


My NVME (Intel 600) was in a chassis with no heat mitigation for M.2. It ran ROCK and began to require a reboot first every week or so. At the end it went for an hour or two before the machine locked up. It never actually failed completely but replacing it cured the problem.

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I had the NUC restarted (remote hands in the office) and will diagnose when I’m back home.
Thanks for the input. I will report back.

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I’m back home since beginning of the monthy and after 5 weeks I did not have any more issues …

Oh YES please :slight_smile: That would be great :slight_smile:

Yes i am having the same issue, console shows nothing wrong just sitting there ‘Roon rock ready’ but cannot connect etc. really frustrating. Give me some logs on the console damnit come on!!!