Failure to Group -- Another Example

This particular example is from a boxset of 7CDs (The Symphonies of Rued Langgaard; Dacapo Records). I downloaded and imported with very little manual tagging. With one notable exception, the symphonies grouped accurately. But #2, shown below, refused to conform:

Again, I pasted the canonical WORK name but the PARTS remain ungrouped.


Thanks for reaching out, @John_V. The metadata on our side is looking pretty good here — Can you confirm that you’re using our metadata and not preferring file for composition grouping here?

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I’ll leave this thread with a question, which we can make rhetorical if you wish:

Accept, for the moment, that I correctly looked up the canonical names of works in AllMusic. And, I rescanned the subject tracks. Why then, did my (user) grouping not meet with success? It would seem to me that either Roon or my tags would be successfully displayed.

Just sayin’… :slight_smile:

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