Failure to install ROCK on laptop


I’m trying to install ROCK on another laptop but it fails to install.

ROCK does not find any disks to install it.

Please @support any help on this?

Hello @wilfredo_sanchez,

Can you please let me know what kind of device you are trying to install ROCK on? Our ROCK Getting Started Guide highlights the hardware needed to get ROCK up and running, are you attempting to use any of the following NUCs?

  • NUC5i3XXX
  • NUC5i5XXX
  • NUC6i3XXX
  • NUC6i5XXX
  • NUC7i3XXX
  • NUC7i5XXX
  • NUC7i7XXX

Any hardware configurations other than the above are unsupported for ROCK. Do you have Windows/Mac OSX/Linux installed on your Laptop? If so you can use one of the Roon packages from our Downloads Page to get the setup up and running.