Failure to play tracks

Tidal has been erratic for a while for me IN ROON.
I thought it might have been my internet, but am now convinced it isn’t.

There are some albums that I play where I get a horrid screeching sound as Roon first shows the moving bars suggesting playing of a track, and then hops onto track2, and frequently skips to track 3 before coming to a stop.

NOTE 1: if I then move to my computer and play the same music direct from Tidal: no problem.
NOTE 2: this seems random. Some albums work, some fail.

Last night I was served Thievery Corporation - “Symphonik” as a recommendation. I tried to play it. Didn’t work. So switched to my PC.

Any ideas?
Thank you

I would raise this in the support category and fill in the template it will give you. Without any details of your system it’s difficult to help.