Failure to (re)identify many albums, even though there are good matches

I have pretty decently sized library of around 10K albums. However, around 650 of these are not identified. Some of them are of course not available from online sources, such as local Swedish performers and other oddities.
However, there are several albums that are easily identified, and which find a perfect match from the online sources that Roon use.
So, why then is it not possible to Re-Identify these? (you may alway ask why they were not identified from the beginning when the lions share of my library was copid to the storage disk)

One obvious example:

(This album is a ripped CD from my own library)

So i go into Edit, select Re-Identify and the screen flickers a bit and then goes back to the same look as before, unidentified…

Hmmm, back to Edit (or click the “Unidentified”-link), and then Identify-button:

Okey, top choice! Good, probably some issue then with the occasional track not measuring as expected? There ARE a few different mixes/masters of some albums out there… I select the Live from Gdansk release:

Strange? No deviations? Why isn’t this automatically identified?
(In this particular case, it might be the case of me numbering the tracks sequentially, and not creating CD1 and CD2 subdirectorys. Still, the disc no’s are embedded correctly)

Hi @Mikael_Ollars,

Would you mind zipping this media up (with the original folder structure in place) and uploading it here? Thanks!

Okey, uploading right now.

I did have to rename the files, as a lot of them have filenames ending in ...*.flac
This is not allowed in ZIP-files, and makes them strange to handle in Windows. (I use mainly Mac and Linux and therefore didn’t have any issues with them previously.)
I renamed them and replaced “*” with “_”, then zipped them up in Windows.

And, thanks for the swift response! :slight_smile:

Thanks, @Mikael_Ollars.

I’m passing this along to the team so they can take a closer look at this. I appreciate you sending the files along!

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