False Security Alerts

I write to try to eliminate the several security alerts (“a new device has just signed in”) being received recently.

I have no reason to believe someone else has signed in to my account. I suspect that a new IP address is being assigned on reboots, and this is triggering the alert.

Would the “fix” be to us a static IP address? Or is there something else at work?

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Same here.

Not a big issue in the scale of things, but quite annoying.

I dont think this is the case.
However, if you sign in to Valence or the Translations Tool as well as a Core from which you’ve been signed out, you will receive this mail.
Roon guys seem to have fixed this for Valence by allowing “remember me”-options, but for the translations tool this remains a nuisance.

Still, this is helpful if you are certain that you did NOT sign in using your Roon Labs credentials, you should immediately change your password!