(Falsely) identifying two different works as Versions

So this is a weird one. I have both the original recording of Taylor Swift’s album “Fearless” as well as her rerecording of the album in my library. I personally view these as two separate works instead of as a reissue or remaster of the original and would prefer that they show as separate works in my library.

So on the technical side, anyone know how to separate them in the Roon software? And on the music side, am I the only one who sees these as two separate works?

Nope, I would consider them separate. Just like, those live albums that are concerts of previously released albums. Roon sometimes mixes them up and presents the live version as the default version.

I think if you go under Versions and click on the hidden one and choose “not a duplicate” that it separates it out, but, I’m not at home to test it out at the moment.