Fanless NUC - thermal shutdown 2 years in

I have an i5 NUC board in one of these cases which has been rolling along quite merrily for a couple of years and given no problems at all running W10 and roon core only. , I think it is a 4th gen NUC.
As of the latest roon update (i’m sure it is a coincidence) after the reboot it keeps shutting down due to thermal issues… When I get it booted to just the BIOS the CPU is showing at about 50 degrees.
Any ideas?
Haven’t put it in support as I can’t see that it is a roon issue.

It might be a combination of dust on heatsinks reducing thermal efficiency and Roon maybe needing more CPU for something.

I’ve had similar happen to PCs randomly after a similar period.

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The new update requires a database update so this might tax the cpu for a while depending on the library size.

Fanless Heatsinks compounds can dry up and become less effective so if it’s an older unit that’s where I would look for something hardware issue wise

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I decided it was a Windows issue and installed ROCK instead. Just restoring the DB backup, no thermal issues so far and I had it analysing my library before the backup just to put it under load.


Had this streaming all night, now doing multiple zones and no problems. ROCK on :blush:

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