Fans on NUC 8i3 with ROCK

I’ve just set up an NUC i3 8109u 3 GHz. All working great. I have noticed that the fans are on the whole time thought even when i’m not playing music or running any remotes. It’s not a huge bother as the NUC is not in a listening room, but i’m curious if this is normal or if there is something I can do about it? Adjust setting in BIOS?


There are a couple of reasons that others on the forum had issues with fans running all the time. One has to do with not having the latest BIOS version installed on your NUC and another has to do with the fan settings in BIOS. When installing ROCK it should have walked you through updating BIOS to the latest version, so that is probably not the issue. Try looking at the Fan Settings in BIOS, it should be set to “Quiet” or “Off”. FAN running constantly on new NUC8i7BEH
That link has some good info on it, as well as a link to an intel forum that also has a lot of info on it.


NUC fans are noisy, buuuut, if you just setup a NUC, is it analyzing your library ? Check your settings and if so, turn it off as a test

Here’s what I use, which gets the job done faster, but will use more processor power, thus keep the fans running

Possibly throttle it or turn it off as a test:

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