Fantastic Support

I wanted to show my appreciation for the Roon team and their excellent customer support.

After struggling with a new laptop during the trial period, a laptop that eventually became nothing more than a paperweight, I was offered an extension of my trial, and any questions and concerns that I had were completely resolved.

This is a group that clearly enjoys what they do and respects and cares about their customers immensely.

The quality of the software speaks for itself, but after having to interact with support on an issue completely unrelated to the application or its performance has me completely convinced that this is a solid organization that truly strives to be excellent.

Thank you! I’m a new, loyal customer. Keep up the great work!


The support I’ve experienced from the Roon Labs guys in my so far short time with Roon has been exceptional and unmatched by anything else I’ve seen. Nowhere have I witnessed a forum that is so actively monitored by product employees that very quickly offer their assistance whatever the problem. It’s one of the things that encouraged me to get a life membership - keep up the good work Roon!


Totally agree. Great software – and clearly, people who enjoy what they are doing. Roon has many problems, for sure, but I committed to a life time subscription because I am confident that the kinks will be addressed.

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