Farad Super 3 LPS

Has anyone here had any experience with with of these? Only read a few reviews and all being very positive, however any user experience here would be grateful.

I currently use an Sotm sps-500

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Are you not liking the sotm? I just ordered the sps-500 and 200ultra neo; due to be delivered tomorrow.

I was also looking at the farad super 3 for my NUC but am debating if it is really necessary, considering my NUC will be in another room as Roon/hqplayer core and not directly connected to my dac.

Using the FARAD instead of the sps-500 with just my switch is a massive improvement. I wasn’t Expecting that tbh.

I will be putting my sps-500 for sale now

I just got an email reply from Farad. The super3 is underpowered for the nuc8i7. They’re working on a new lps to cater for the higher demand nucs. Guess I will be considering other options for my NUC then.

Oh ok. I just needed a 9v one for my Sotm switch. It’s really had quite a positive impact on SQ for me.

Live with your 500 for a while then try a FARAD. I was quite surprised

Consider keeping your sps500? In case u ever decide to get something like an EtherRegen, or other sotm products?

I was thinking that, but knowing how much of an improvement the FARAD is, I would purchase another FARAD in a heartbeat

Just managed to set up my Super3. Was waiting on a Gotham cable from GhentAudio. Out of the box, I think there is an improvement in that it seems like I’m getting more bass and mid bass. Also mids seem more forward than usual. Hooked it up to an SOtM SMS-200 Ultra. Am contemplating another Super3 for the txusbultra. My snh-10g is being powered by a Keces P8.

Farad Super3 seems like a nice little unit. Case feels barely warm. Most of the heat is on the heatsink on the back of the unit. My keces P3 and p8 run much hotter.

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I found that the Soundstage opened right up and detail improved when adding to the Switch. Glad you like it.

Anyone tried the level 2 silver dc cable upgrade from Farad?

I’ve tried both. I didn’t like the DC 2 silver in my set up. I bought the DC 2 copper instead. For me, the silver sucked the life out of the music. I’ve heard that some people prefer it though

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The sps500 is up for sale now

Oh thanks man. U have saved me some coin!

It might be worth trying both then sending back the one you don’t like. You might find you prefer the silver over copper as some people do.