Farad Super 3 LPS

Has anyone here had any experience with with of these? Only read a few reviews and all being very positive, however any user experience here would be grateful.

I currently use an Sotm sps-500

Are you not liking the sotm? I just ordered the sps-500 and 200ultra neo; due to be delivered tomorrow.

I was also looking at the farad super 3 for my NUC but am debating if it is really necessary, considering my NUC will be in another room as Roon/hqplayer core and not directly connected to my dac.

Using the FARAD instead of the sps-500 with just my switch is a massive improvement. I wasn’t Expecting that tbh.

I will be putting my sps-500 for sale now

I just got an email reply from Farad. The super3 is underpowered for the nuc8i7. They’re working on a new lps to cater for the higher demand nucs. Guess I will be considering other options for my NUC then.

Oh ok. I just needed a 9v one for my Sotm switch. It’s really had quite a positive impact on SQ for me.

Live with your 500 for a while then try a FARAD. I was quite surprised

Consider keeping your sps500? In case u ever decide to get something like an EtherRegen, or other sotm products?

I was thinking that, but knowing how much of an improvement the FARAD is, I would purchase another FARAD in a heartbeat