Farads power … Nucleus plus

I have a nucleus plus and I have a super 3 Farad power supply. I am told that I can use the farad with a nucleus but not with a nucleus plus. farad is 19 volt 3amp 80 watts. someone try it with a nucleus plus?

The Intel 7i7DNx NUC that the plus is based on requires a 19V 65W power supply, according to Intel’s website.

Roon’s store also says both nucleus and nucleus plus come with 19V 65W supplies

The roon site also both quotes a 3.42A spec (which is 65/19 as you’d expect)

So 3A is a bit low, although not quite sure how the Farads can quote 80W and only be able to supply 3A at 19V.

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I have just contacted Farad and he will confirm the answer to me shortly. I’ll keep you updated

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it seems according to farad that there is no problem to connect with the nucleus +
I,m very happy

@Claude_pepin - It is a bit strange: 19v and 3A = 57W.