Faster 1-click bookmarking

creating a bookmark takes many clicks. You need to create one, give a name and save.

Why not a 1 click feature. Click the bookmark icon and generate the name automatically (Album name and artist or track title and artist).

This way you can easily identify your bookmarks. For individual bookmarks you can use tags.

Only if the name is editable. The default name would (for me) never be right…

Tags and Bookmarks are completely different. What do you mean?

My idea is, that a bookmark is something you just throw in to rember you want to re-visit. And fast is 1-click.

If I want to mark an album, a track, etc. with something meaningful, I use tags. But that’s probabbly only me.

I fully support your idea, to make the standard name editable.

The main use of bookmark is to recall a Focus search and apply it dynamically to the current library. I don’t think a default name would work well here at all. The user is the best person to name their Focus search because they know what it means for them.

I get your point on individual focus searches. (indeed I never used bookmark there, thanks for the hint!).

But still, 1-click bookmarking for albums, tracks etc. to re-visit, is still something I would like to see

I’m afraid I’m with @andybob. I don’t think this is really the best way to use Bookmarks.

Regarding “albums, tracks etc. to re-visit” (an important usage), I have about 40 items marked as “Listen To Me” in a Tag. I can focus on this through a single Bookmark. To me that’s a more elegant way than having 40 Bookmarks, one for each item…

But, YMMV, as always! :sunglasses: