Faster browsing

For browsing music, mainly artists and albums, I miss the option to seek by alphabet letter. Now you have scroll and scroll on my iPhone. Because of artist photo, you only see 6 artists at any moment. A only text list option would be nice too. I used to use JRiver, so I know it can be done.

Two ways to do this. There’s a letter selection in the lower left corner. Lets you select any letter or number. The filter function (funnel icon) lets you select based on letter, letters, or numbers.

That works great on iPad, but neither are available on iPhone. I’ll second this - a number of simplifications have been made for iPhone which I personally find make it a much less useful app.

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Not just iPhone, Android to. The apps are the same across mobile, tablet and pc with the exception of th iPad Pro which gets portrait mode. With mobile on both platforms being severly imited in search options. This realy needs to change.

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These cut down bits do force a tablet as opposed to phone but the experience is WAY better.

I just bought a 12.9 iPad and it’s simply WOW , expensive maybe but well worth it especially with aging eyes and fingers :face_with_monocle:

Well with the limited screen space of the IPhone you have to accept some compromises. An application as feature rich as Roon really can’t be fully implemented on an IPhone. I rarely use my IPhone as a remote for that reason.

There is a, non timed, commitment from Roon to make mobile devices more functional. Which bits of functionality make the cut is unknown. As is timescale.

I use my iPhone for 99%, because it is more easy to handle. I think a letter seek is a must have, if JRiver can do it, Roon can do it.