Faster updates to Roon's Tidal new releases - at least as quick as Audirvana's Tidal new releases

I’d love to claim credit, but we’ve made no changes yet. It’s possible that TIDAL is getting to-be-released album details to us earlier, but it’s hard to tell.

Ha no worries. I didn’t want to get too excited, hence these last few weeks I’ve said it could be random good luck.

Good experience these last few weeks though, even if it is random. Previously I was waiting at least 24 hours for new releases.

I only compare with Audirvana - it’s a tad unrealistic to compare with the Tidal Desktop App of course.

Another data-point: the new album by Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, “Sparkle Hard” is out today and popped up in Roon this morning, right on schedule.

(Also: recommended!)

Sigh. On Tidal via Audirvana. Hopefully tomorrow :pensive:

Still hasn’t shown up in Roon after 2 days. Not a complaint, just a friendly data point.

Have a bunch of friends talking about the new album by The Carters.

Pulled up Roon and sadly isn’t there yet :disappointed_relieved:

It’s on Audirvana’s Tidal though. Audirvana still useful for something :grin:

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A few others commenting about the same issue.


If Roon is all about the best User Experience, delays in experiencing (i.e being able to play) big releases that are the talking points of millions around the world (maybe not the Roon Community and that’s ok) isn’t the best experience. It’s a weekly thing too :disappointed_relieved:

This was a 2-day Tidal exclusive and now Apple Music and Spotify and all the rest have it before Tidal via Roon. And it’s still not up in Roon yet.


Can Roon’s TIDAL database initially allow the album to show and play, like Audirvana, with no metadata initially - and then have all the metadata follow along 2 days (or however long) later if need be.

When millions of people are talking about new releases around the world each week, most of the chatter is to do with listening to the album - much less of the global chatter with these big weekly releases is about the recording dates and links to composers and credits. That’s all GREAT of course but we can wait 2 days for that to show up in Roon.

As per my opening post in this thread, I’m not comparing with the Tidal Desktop App’s speed of new releases showing up - I’m only comparing with Audirvana’s Tidal integration.

I know devs read these threads but I’ll tag @danny and @enno and @mike . I’ll tag @brian too - I know deep inside he’s devastated he still can’t play Beyonce’s latest album :smile:

Much respect to the Roon Team as always though. Keep up the great work and please at least consider making this a priority.

There’s a technically unavoidable amount of lag involved in bringing new content into our world. The data delivery system from TIDAL to us has some built-in lag, then our machinery needs some time to crunch the data. Much of the Roon experience is tied up in this process–if we bypassed it, or used a band-aid to get some releases out faster, a whole lot more than credits would be missing. You wouldn’t be able to search for it. It wouldn’t show up on Beyonce’s page or Jay-Z’s, and so on. It’s too confusing a behavior for us to be surfacing.

I am not sure why this album is taking so long to show up–I would have expected it to be there either Sunday or Monday (today), and it still isn’t. We’re looking into it.


Thanks Brian.

I don’t think it’s a stretch for me to say that the number of Roon users listening to the more popular stuff and therefore anticipating popular new releases will grow over time. And therefore the number of these “obvservations” (some might call complaints) will also grow over time.

I know you already know that but if nothing can be done, it is what it is.

But I’m also a positive guy and I’m sure you’ll come up with a way to sort this out at some point down the line. You’re a smart chap, I have faith :pray:


I’ll preface this by saying I don’t know your process so don’t understand the complexities… But…

I could envision a method by which you poll the new releases and incorporate them with barebones info - just like Audirvana is doing - and when you get your standard feed from TIDAL you augment the info.

I suggested/requested the same above Brian’s reply…

The diff is that there IS metadata in the feed, just not as rich. No metadata would not work.

Noted but I was asking if there’s any way to get a new album showing and playing with minimal metadata, with the remaining metadata to follow over the following days. Obviously from the reply it’s not that easy (or I’d assume it would be done…).

I’m still hopeful it can be fixed at some point later, with some clever thinking or a complete change of processes at the backend.

I’ve been commenting about this for a while (nearly a weekly basis) but it took Beyonce to bring a few more people to comment - the power of Queen B :smile:

+1 for this issue. This is an unusually long wait, and a punishing one. I’m losing cred with my family, who want to just move to Spotify :grimacing:

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And it’s up! :honeybee::kissing_smiling_eyes:

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New Gorrilaz. Half the album (full album to be released next week) is out :cry:

Another highly anticipated release (in the wider, more popular, music world), from the infamous ‘Wyoming sessions’… Audirvana thankfully to the rescue

Still no Teyana Taylor…

If this is a Tidal thing @brian and completely out of your control, please do everything you can to make this a non-issue with whoever comes to Roon next (Qobuz / Deezer / whoever).

Just dropped today. I really wish I didn’t have to use Audirvana at all anymore :disappointed_relieved:

But it comes in very handy every Friday to Tuesday :grin: