Faster updates to Roon's Tidal new releases - at least as quick as Audirvana's Tidal new releases

But I’m also a positive guy and I’m sure you’ll come up with a way to sort this out at some point down the line. You’re a smart chap, I have faith :pray:


I’ll preface this by saying I don’t know your process so don’t understand the complexities… But…

I could envision a method by which you poll the new releases and incorporate them with barebones info - just like Audirvana is doing - and when you get your standard feed from TIDAL you augment the info.

I suggested/requested the same above Brian’s reply…

The diff is that there IS metadata in the feed, just not as rich. No metadata would not work.

Noted but I was asking if there’s any way to get a new album showing and playing with minimal metadata, with the remaining metadata to follow over the following days. Obviously from the reply it’s not that easy (or I’d assume it would be done…).

I’m still hopeful it can be fixed at some point later, with some clever thinking or a complete change of processes at the backend.

I’ve been commenting about this for a while (nearly a weekly basis) but it took Beyonce to bring a few more people to comment - the power of Queen B :smile:

+1 for this issue. This is an unusually long wait, and a punishing one. I’m losing cred with my family, who want to just move to Spotify :grimacing:

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And it’s up! :honeybee::kissing_smiling_eyes:

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New Gorrilaz. Half the album (full album to be released next week) is out :cry:

Another highly anticipated release (in the wider, more popular, music world), from the infamous ‘Wyoming sessions’… Audirvana thankfully to the rescue

Still no Teyana Taylor…

If this is a Tidal thing @brian and completely out of your control, please do everything you can to make this a non-issue with whoever comes to Roon next (Qobuz / Deezer / whoever).

Just dropped today. I really wish I didn’t have to use Audirvana at all anymore :disappointed_relieved:

But it comes in very handy every Friday to Tuesday :grin:

I started a new post on this, then noticed this thread, so I’ll post it here as a bump to this thread and a reiteration of the issue.

That said, like you, I’m a very satisfied Roon user overall and couldn’t live without it. So, maybe I’m just piling on here, but wanted to be heard all the same. :slight_smile:

Friday is new album release day, and I regularly add a bunch from Tidal to my library for weekend perusal.

My default method of search/add is via Roon, since I always have that open on my computer.

I often find, as I did this morning, that albums that are in Tidal are not surfaced by Roon search.

An example is Jenny Lewis’ new album. In Roon, I searched for Jenny Lewis, clicked on her artist page, and the the most recent album listed is Voyager.

In Tidal, I do the same thing, and her new album is listed on her artist page, as it should be, since it was released today.

What gives?

The coda to this is I increasingly am frustrated with Roon’s search results and speed on a general level. I know these companies are much bigger and much better funded, but whenever I’m away from home and find myself using other music apps’ search, it fills me with want wishing Roon’s was anywhere close to as quick, accurate, and prescient. Especially Spotify’s - their search is lightning quick and has Google-like ESP in bringing up exactly what I’m looking for with only one or two characters entered. Meanwhile, I can sometimes copy/paste the exactly name of an album/artist I’m looking for in Roon and it doesn’t come up or is buried way down the list. If you’re looking for a standard, Spotify is it. But I know this is a larger conversation… And thanks again for all your continued hard work!

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There is a potential 40 hour delay every week with new releases. Some may come through quicker but some you’ll need to wait till Sunday (Monday for me…).

The explanation of the potential 40 hour delay is below. Last update I got from Roon was nothing can be done from the Roon side.

Fridays to Sunday I most use the official Tidal app and Audirvana and Spotify for new releases. And Roon for older stuff. It’s unfortunate because I’d love to just use one app but sadly I need to keep using these other apps on a weekly basis.

I have had friends (that aren’t interested in Roon) laughing at me for this… but it is what it is.

Yep… if they ever release the CD quality streaming they were testing a couple years ago… everything changes for my daily use. Roon will always be useful to me for hard drive stuff that still isn’t up on streaming services and may never be.

Got it. I read the above thread and the other one in Support for the explanation, but as I said, figured I’d submit my already-written post to pile on and let peeps know there’s at least one more Roon customer out there that would like this improved.

I’ve worked in software development for over 20 years, and I have learned to take engineers saying “that’s impossible” with a grain of salt. Persistence, innovation, and yes, patience, usually win out over “impossible.” :slight_smile:

One of the reasons in the explanation is talking about pulling in the rich meta data Roon is famous for…

But Roon is lacking quite a bit there too I found, compared to the free official Tidal app… I compare some pretty classic albums here to show the differences:

Here’s the funny thing, some newly released albums are available. Lucy Rose’s for example, has a 3/22 release date (as shown in Roon) and is available on her artist page via Roon. Likewise, Nilüfer Yanya’s new album, Mary Lattimore’s…

Data is getting updated somewhere somehow…

Ya, I know, that’s why I said “There is a potential 40 hour delay every week with new releases. Some may come through quicker”

I’ve been watching this every week (it’s hard to miss when you look forward to new releases every week…). So each week I see the ones that come through quicker and the ones that don’t…

Fortunately I have other ways to listen to new releases so this is a first world problem.

But these are two flaws that have friends laughing at me for the price of Roon (delayed new releases and lacking Tidal track credit data…).

I have to +1000 this request and feedback. Same problem with Qobuz—it can take up to a day or more for a new release to be playable in Roon.

New releases on Friday are one of the best parts of the music listening experience: being able to stream that brand new album end to end the minute it comes out, grabbing headphones and listening to it all the way through in bed at midnight, playing it on the stereo while you work for that first listen. New music has and always will be magical.

Except when you can’t hear it for another day. Then it’s frustrating.

Like, I know this album is out. It’s all over social, my friends are talking about it, some people already got their vinyl pre-orders—In the mail for pete’s sake—meanwhile I’m stuck and can’t play it on my home stereo without logging into the computer and pulling up Qobuz’s site directly. And there it is! It’s right there! It’s out, it’s ready to play, but Roon can’t let you.

This is my #1 problem and #1 priority feature request for Roon. Nothing matters more to me than being able to play the music I want to hear. Nothing.

I realize there are always complexities, roadblocks, difficulties in coordinating and integrating. As Tim Gunn would say… make it work. :slight_smile:

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Did you vote? Doing a +1000 is meaningless as far as Roon devs go.

Who’s Tim Gunn?

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I did. But let’s be serious, I write posts because I want to vent, not because I expect some miracle to happen.

I’ll take, “Things you could look up on Google” for 400, Alex.

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