Faster way to transfer roon backup to another machine

I have two roon setups in two locations that I use (one at a time). I transfer the roon backups from one machine to the other to stay in sync. This works perfectly fine.
However it takes forever to copy the roon backup from the NAS to a portable SSD and from the portable SSD back to the NAS in the second location. It looks like every tracks entry (around 100k) is being copied individually.
Is there a faster way to do this?

Not a Roon feature, but you could try zipping up the backup first, coping the single zip file and then uncompressing on your NAS.

What (computer) platform do you use? You want to use something similar to the unix rsync command so you’re only copying what’s changed.

Or use a deduplicating backup tool such as Duplicacy–multi-platform with GUI. These products are fast since they will not backup identical blocks.

Thanks for your inputs, guys.
I use a Windows machine and this is the command I use
robocopy \\Public\roon\RoonBackups E:\roon\RoonBackups /MIR
One of the issues seems to be that I have set backup to run every 4 days. Roon keeps a maximum of four backups. This means that after 16 days all 4 backups are new and the files on the SSD need to be deleted and the new files need to be copied.
Zipping the backup on the NAS before copying to the ssd sounds like a good idea. I’ll look into that.