Fave-ing multiple files

I maintain two Roon setups in two homes. There seems to be no awesome strategy for managing this, but I’ve generally got it working well by sync-ing my local files between two servers (and counting on Qobuz changes to automatically update on both systems).

My key challenge was figuring out how to sync the (now) purple “Fave” heart buttons for both libraries. I thought I had it figured out by exporting all the non-Qobuz “Faves” from a library as a playlist, importing said playlist into the other library, at which point I hoped to make sure all songs in the playlist were “Faved” appropriately.

This almost works, but I can’t figure out any way to add Fave to multiple tracks at the same time. Anybody have a suggestion on how to work around this?

I was trying to figure this out with another user a few weeks ago. There is not a simple way to do it but he did find a way.

If I’m understanding that correctly, you still have to click twice per track to change it. My best workaround so far is simply to add the entire playlist to the queue, then view the queue. From there, you can see all the hearts and toggle them with a click. This would be a lot easier if there was a way to negate the Heart filter (just the“Not-Heart” tracks) the way you can with the other filter criteria