Favorite Albums Not Showing Tidal[Ticket in]

Again, not luck. Same problem.
Hi @support

Hey guys, thanks for report, sorry this didn’t get a response before you had to reinstall :frowning:

A couple questions for anyone still experiencing this issue:

  • Do the albums show in the main Album browser? (not in the TIDAL section) – all your album and track favorites should be added to your library, so they should be visible in the Album browser

  • There is a spinner at the top of the TIDAL > Favorites > Favorite Albums screen – are you all waiting for that spinner to finish? When it finishes, do additional albums load?

Let us know and we’ll take a look here guys. Thanks!

Fran - did you see support reply to you in this thread?

Yes favorites do show in Roon album browser. The spinner does spin in the tidal album browser and when it stops i usually half the first page and two lines on the second page. Occasionally all favorites show.

Sorry Mike. Don´t worry abouy delay for replying.

Really annoying issue. It´s third reinstall for me and problem persists. Lot of waste time I am afraid.

All albums showing in the main album browser but only a few one (first A name) in the album Tidal section. From 1500 albums Tidal Section only shows 20.

Refering to the spinner at the top of the TIDAL > Favorites > Favorite Albums screen I do wait for the spinner finish. About half a minute for finish and no albums at all are loaded after spinner stops. Remains the same first 20 albums.

All album, track, artist favorites added from Tidal to the main browser. All artist added to Tidal Section. But only a few few albums (20 from A) are added to Tidal Section.

To reinstall I have erased firs application, and all settings in Library,

I think the problem in no system dependant. Some friends same system (Core Mac Mini i5 16 Gb RAM, SSD 256Gb) and no problem in populating Album Tidal Section with favourite albums. I also think is not a problem about size of favourirtes albums. More or less 1000 artist all of the showing in Tidal favourites section and 1500 albums only showing 20.

Any additional information you could need Mike?

Thanks in advance


@Philip_Thomas and @Fran_Garcia ----- Thank you both for your continued feedback and more importantly, thank you for your patience. Both are very appreciated!

Moving forward, I would like to enable diagnostics on your accounts so our techs can try to get a better sense as to what could be possible causing this behavior you’re experiencing. What this action will do is the next time the application is active on your core machines a diagnostics report containing a set of Roon logs will automatically be generated/uploaded to our servers.

However, before I do this may I very kindly ask you for the following:

  • Please take note of the time when you notice this behavior next.

  • If you have not already provided it, please briefly describe your setup using this link as a guide.

Many thanks!

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your answer and support. Don´t worry about delay I assume It takes a time to manage so many different issues. Appreciate your dedication.

Answering your questions,

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your answer and support. Don´t worry about delay I assume It takes a time to manage so many different issues. Appreciate your dedication. Just now I am considering a lifetime membership and would like to have feedback related to this issue.

Answering your questions,

I Have experienced that behaviour from the first time I launched Roon. At least three completes reinstallings and same behaviour. The list of the albums I am showing in the image above is the same every time. Don´t matter number of albums on library, they all appear in the main browser and only the same little subset (30/1500) in Tidal browser.

My setup in Roon Core. MacMini running MacOs Hig Sierra 10.13.3. Intel Core i5 2.8 Ghz., 16 Gb de RAM, Library on SSD 256 Gb. Music Folder on external HDD Lacie 4Tb USB. Now Roon Library has aprox. 1.500 albums, all of them from Tidal. Last reinstall I didn´t upload albums not in Tidal. My collection of 1500 albums in TIDAL owns to 1.000 authors and all of the authors appear in main browser and in Tidal browser.

I have started my Roon Core, so I hope you have just now a copy of my logs.

Thanks a lot for your support.



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Thanks for the follow up @Fran_Garcia! The insight and feedback are both appreciated!

Confirming that I have received the mentioned diagnostics report and will be updating your ticket with all of the provided information above. Once our techs have completed their analysis of the Roon logs attached to the received report I will be sure to share their thoughts/findings with you ASAP.


Hey Fran,

We’re going to look into this, but just for my own interest, what are you looking for in the TIDAL > My Favorites section?

I ask because most of Roon’s functionality is built into the browser screens, and if you want to see your TIDAL albums, viewing them in the Album browser includes sorting functionality, Focus (to filter to specific genres, labels, etc), the ability to tag albums, etc.

I agree that the My Favorites screen should be loading, but I’m just wondering what you’re looking for on this screen. If you want easy access to your TIDAL albums, you can also use Focus to view TIDAL, and then save a bookmark for one click access.

Hi Mike,

I completely agree. I know I can use main browser and Focus to filter Tidal albums, genres…, and so on. And I actually am using also bookmarks for quick access. Nice feature.

My user mind is really happy with the main browser.

My tech mind values ​​that all systems work and I have a very bad feeling if there are loading errors, fronts that do not work … I prefer that a certain feature remains in tests until it is stable, but once it is in production I want it work, use it more or less. Otherwise I tend to think that in addition to that visible error there may be other invisible that at some point destabilize the system and I do not feel safe using the application. A phobia like any other.

I know several Roon users with not problem with Tidal album browser and several with my same problem. I am sure we all will be very interested in fixing it.

Best regards Mike and thanks for your interest. I´m sure your techs could fix the problem.


Sure thing. We will take a look and see what we can find.

The hard part is going to be reproducing this so we can look into it – I’m not having any issues here (with more than 1500 album favorites) so there’s something else going on that we need to identify.

We’ll let you know what we find, thanks for the report!

Hi Eric,

Any news about the problem?

My trial subscription finishes in a week and would like to know more about this issue before making my decision.

Trying to help…, I have just install a new core (unauthorizing the first one) in a brand new MacBookPro. In this new MacBookPro I have just loaded as library my Tidal collection. Same problem. All authors appears in both general and Tidal browser but refered to albums in main browser all ofthem appear but in Tidal browser appears only the same 30 albums I could see at the other Core (Mac Mini). So, I guess the problem is equipment independent.

And, I repeat, I see only same 30 albums in both cores. It seems like Roon was loading this first 30 albums and don´t wait any more. The spin stops and no more albums “enter” the Tidal browsing. But all authors enter.

Thanks for helping.



Hello @Fran_Garcia,

Our Q&A team has looked into this issue, and has had mixed success in reproducing it. Until we’re able to pin down the root cause of the issue, it’s difficult to project when a fix could be tested and implemented. We will continue to monitor this behavior in our Q&A test cases going forward.


Hi, John.
Any news about??


HI, @Fran_Garcia, sorry for a late reply, we put a ticket for our dev team. Let’s see if they can figure out the soultion for this.

Thanks for your patience!


Thanks Ivan. Really expecting.
You are welcome

No news…, bad news?? Is it so difficult or extrange?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey Fran – I thought about this some more, and while the ticket is still open, it’s currently tagged as low priority and has not yet been sent to our dev or QA team for further work. There’s a pretty good chance we’ll remove that screen in the future as part of a larger redesign, because it duplicates functionality from other parts of the app, just with less power and flexibility.

As we discussed previously, all your TIDAL favorites should be showing in the album browser, and you can use Focus > Format if you want to browse just your TIDAL albums. You can also save that view as Bookmark for easy access.

We’ll likely leave TIDAL > My Favorites > Artists, since those favorites are only available there, but browsing of TIDAL albums and tracks should be happening in the browsers, where people can take advantage of all of Roon’s features and power.

Thanks again for the report here!