Favorite albums of 2019?

With just over a week left of 2019 I thought now would be a great time to start discussing our favorite albums of the year! So, what were your favorite albums that came out this year?

My friend runs a top 10 trail :slight_smile: which also includes one’s Gig of the year entry…Public Sector Broadcasting - The Race for Space live as part of the BBC Proms at the Albert Hall.

Ghosteen - Nick Cave & the bad seeds

Soft introspective and fittingly ghostly - bit of soundscape, bit of vocal pain.

Guesswork - Lloyd Cole

Just lovely Lloyd Cole. Recorded using old analogue synths so the tunes sound sound like happy Cole but the lyrics contain sadness.

Norman Fucking Rockwell - Lana Del Ray

Pop Pop Pop

Western Stars - Bruce Springsteen

My wife has discovered the volume control when she plays this. Now a mandatory road trip record.

Midnight Sun - Calexico/Iron & Wine

Like them separately and they fuse surprisingly well.

Walk Through Fire - Yola

Sixties soul channelled through a massive personality

Badbea - Edwyn Collins

More akin to Gorgeous George than recent albums

Professor Elemental and His Amazing friends: Part 2 - Professor Elemental

A great live act that loses a lot on record but I do like a bit of Chap Hop. Hip Hop through a British filer referring to tea and crumpets rather than Cristal and hoes.

Celia - Angelique Kidjo

A Beninese singer paying tribute to a Cuban salsa singer.

Absolute Zero - Bruce Hornsby

I heard a couple of tracks before I knew who it was and thought I was listening to a different artist .

Though I will probably swap out prof elemental for this which I heard for the first time today


My favorites of 2019.
It had been an excellent musical year for me.

  1. Arch / Matheos - Winter Ethereal

  2. Abigail Williams - Walk Beyond The Dark

  3. In Mourning - Garden of Storms

  4. Andy Gillion - Neverafter

  5. Allegaeon - Apoptosis

  6. Netherbird - Into The Vast Uncharted

  7. Slow - VI - Dantalion

  8. 1349 - The Infernal Pathway

  9. Xoth - Interdimensional Invocations

  10. Fleshmeadow - Daymares

  11. Rings Of Saturn - Gidim

  12. Strigoi - Abandon All Faith

  13. Nile - Vile Nilotic Rites

  14. Wilderun - Veil Of Imagination

  15. Schammasch - Heart Of No Light

  16. Vale Of Pnath - Accursed

  17. Tribe Of Pazuzu - Heretical Uprising

  18. Worsen - Cursed To Witness Life

  19. Windswept - The Onlooker

  20. Shrine Of Insanabiles - Vast Vortex Litanies


  22. Djevel - Ormer Til Armer, Maane Til Hode

  23. Diamond Head - Coffin Train

  24. Arctos - Beyond The Grasp Of Mortal Hands

  25. Alcest - Spiritual Instinct

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Twenty five nil on recognition there :slight_smile:


No surprise to me. Musically I am the odd man out in this forum. I don’t mind though.

I think the only one you might enjoy, possibly, is my number one. The rest of them are very, very, metal. And I would not recommend listening to them. :wink:


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Had a listen to a couple of tracks from Winter Ethereal not doing too much for me but I’ve added it to the library and will revisit :ok_hand:

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It’s a grower. Even I needed to give it time.

The last Metal band I saw (and I’m not sure if they qualify) was Def Leopard in about 1979 my friend took me to see his mates. They were the support and it was 10p to get in.

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Def Leopard were part of the so called ‘New Wave of British Heavy Metal’. So yea, they qualify. I’ve seen them a few times. When you saw them their drummer was 14 or 15 years old. They were all very young 16 or 17 at most.

Dont you guys mean Def Leppard, or did I miss a good band?

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Autocorrect the bane of The Beetles :slight_smile:

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Yep, Def Leppard indeed.

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These are the new albums of 2019, that I liked so much that I actually bought them.

Aldous Harding - Designer
Alice Phoebe Snow - Paper Castles
Angel Snow - Arrows
Bear’s Den - So That You Might Hear Me
Bill Callahan - Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest
Fenne Lily - Live at Festival No. 6
Freya Ridings - Frey Ridongs
Julia Jacklin - Crushing
Joanne Shaw Taylor - Reckless Heart
J.S. Ondana - Tales of America
Lana Del Rey - Norma Fucking Rockwell!
Lauren Jenkins - No Saint
Lily Kershaw - Arcadia
Lisa Hannigan/Stargate - Live in Dublin
Mattiel - Satis Factory
Monkey House - Friday
Nick Cave - Ghosteen
Rhianon Giddens - There is No Other
Sara Bareilles - Amidst The Chaos
Sarah Rogo - Smoke And Water
The Divine Comedy - Office Politics
Van Morrison - Three Chords and the Truth
Woodstock 50 - Back To The Garden



Ha, that would be a list of 157 albums (and excluding classical). Lets not publish that :wink:







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@Henri @florib Metal Mates.

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Not only Metal, but mainly :wink:

P.S.: Four words and three edits of this post. Cheers :crazy_face:
I’m thinking about buying “Back to the Front” by Lionel Richie (no joke).

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Musically I am the odd man out in this forum.

I don’t think so. My taste is similar to yours.


So it seems. Nice list.