Favorite Artist On Tidal When Adding Tidal Album To Library

It’s great that when I add a Tidal album to my library using Roon the album is also added ( favorited ) in Tidal.

I would like to request that when I add a Tidal album to my Roon library the artist is added ( favorited ) on Tidal like they get automatically added to the Artists tab in Roon.

It would also be nice if all the artists in my local library were also added ( favorited ) to my list of artists on Tidal.

Thanks … Tim

+1. Since i use roon and not the tidal app at home i have a ton of albums in my tidal library and only a few artists. Would make using the tidal app as a roon-on-the-go fill in if the artists were favorites along with their albums.

Yes, please.

+1 !
Any update on that?