Favorite Artists shuffle

I have a question, Is there a way to shuffle my favorite artists? I have them in Qobuz as favorites.
Thank you

Add a Tag called Fav_Artist to each artist and then Shuffle the Tag. That is one way to achieve what you want.

Thank you Rugby, I will give that a try.

Are they also favorites in Roon?
Then, from Artist view click the heart (selects Favorites) and click Shuffle selection on the Play button.
If you do this it will start a play queue of their songs with tracks randomized.

Hi Scott Rugby. I am having trouble figuring out how to Tag an artist. Also Having trouble figuring out how to get mt Qobuz favorite artist to roon Favorites?

Ok I think I figured it out. I need to go into Qobuz fav. Artist and select all albums and add to my library. From there I can make it shuffle.

If you ‘heart’ or favorite an album in Qobuz it should automatically get added to your library in Roon. You can also go to Settings>Services and click the Edit button for Qobuz and hit the Sync Library Now text in the popup.
As you noted, this will just add the Qobuz ‘favorite’ selections to your library. You can then make any or all of them favorites in Roon by hitting the heart button to the album/artist/track. A Qobuz favorite is not a Roon favorite. It’s just the mechanism to import the selection to your Roon library.
A favorite in Roon is, in essence, a unique tag you can use as a selection. But there are certainly going to be cases where another, different favorite tag will be appropriate.

Thanks Grossmsj got it!