Favorite Heart Button

Can we have the favorite heart button on the player without having to click the track? The ever-present, and marginally useful, signal path indicator is always around. It either sounds good or it doesn’t. Thanks.


I am bumping this. It would be nice to save a click to heart a track. Especially as a newcomer, I am hearting tracks in albums as I listen as my ratings (obviously) do not carry over from the myriad of apps/streaming apps I’ve used throughout the years.

Thank you for the consideration!

EDIT: I would not necessary remove signal path and replace with heart track. Maybe just put the heart somewhere in the transport. I personally like seeing the little light lol…


it’s there on my windows “now playing” screen

That’s the extra click/tap I am speaking of. Say I am browsing my library while playing music. The transport controls do not have a heart button to click/tap. I need to click on the transport control to open now playing to heart a track OR open the queue and heart it there. It would be nice to simply display the heart on the transport controls as well. Just a thought.