Favorite/Like/Heart icon – sometimes it's there, sometimes it's missing [Answered - No Artist Albums in Library]

Can’t figure out why and when – but sometimes I can like (highlife as favorites) artists by pressing the heart icon and sometimes there is no such icon within ROON.

If you look at the two attached screenshots: i can like FRAHM but cannot like SCHMIDT. Why?

Within TIDAL I do ALWAYS have the option to like an artist (screenshot attached as well).

PS sorry if this has been covered before – searched the community and searched the web without success

I think the clue is in your screenshots. The Artist screen for Jorja Smith not only has no “heart” icon, it doesn’t have the shuffle button or the 3 dots button either. And that’s because I don’t think you have yet added any album by her to your Roon library.

I’ve just searched for her in my Roon, and it correctly identified her as a TIDAL artist, and because I don’t have any works by her in my library, clicking on her name gave me the same screen as you have (no icons). Then I added an album of hers to my library, and now when I click on her name in the Album details screen, I see her Artist screen with all the icons present.

Interestingly, she is known to Roon as both Artist and Composer. She is now listed in Composers, but is not yet showing up in the Artist list; not sure why this is…

Edit: found her. She’s listed under “S”. Typing “Jo” in the list doesn’t jump to her.

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