Favorite Performance, or favorite Composition? [Ticket Open]

I am trying to tag or otherwise identify which of several performances of a composition I would call “the best”. It would be very useful to have this appear on the performances page.

I thought favoriting might work, but favoriting works at the composition level. If you favor one performance of the composition, all performances will get the heart tag.

I also thought the “pick” tag might work, but it didn’t seem like picks were not made for compositions, just tracks.

So, anybody found a solution?

There is currently no solution to this, apart from “picking” all the tracks which make up that performance.

There are reasons for this, and hopefully there will be a resolution in the future. There is quite a lot of other stuff hanging on it. (Grouping alternative remasters of the same “performance on earth” is also impossible currently for the same reason.)

though, as I reported yesterday (and I believe a few months back too) “pick” symbol does not show beside composition “main title” nor beside composition’s single movements :roll_eyes:

Which screen are you talking about. Where I’m looking it does:

I only see “hearts”, not “picks”, in your screenshot, Ludwig

whilst here, as an example, you see the “pick” symbol only for the one composition consisting of a single movement and not showing for other movements/compositions (either whole composition or single movement)


Ah Ok, those picks.

Those ticks on the left come from Rovi and can’t as far as I know be edited for any object in Roon.

sure you can edit those :wink:

I’m combining “hearts”, “picks” and playlist to mimick somehow what I was doing with “stars” before Roon, as Roon doesn’t allow star rating of tracks :roll_eyes:

Cool. I think that must have changed when track editing was expanded. But no matter! :wink:

@support I just tried it and this is true. In an album with no picks showing, selecting all three tracks in a composition, then choosing “Pick=YES” in “Edit Track” results in nothing changing in the interface. Going back and checking, the change did stick, it is just not displayed. This is obviously wrong. (Should I ticket it?)

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All ---- Thank you for your continued feedback and more importantly, thank you for your patience here.

To bring everyone up to speed, in regard to the behavior with “favorites” this is a designed behavior, however Roon not showing “picks” is indeed a bug.

A ticket has been opened in our system which is being used to track this issue, and while I can not comment on when work will be started to this behavior please rest assured that it is on the team’s radar.


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