Favorited tracks in Roon don't transfer to Qobuz but favorited albums do

Hello! I used Roon exclusively to stream Qobuz.

When using Qobuz via Roon, if I favorite an album, the album shows up in my favorites in Qobuz as well (good). However, if I favorite a song inside that album, this does not transfer from Roon to Qobuz. Why?

This is really frustrating, because it forces me to do redundant work between two different apps to keep things up to date. Is this a Roon issue or a Qobuz issue?

To illustrate the issue, here are screenshots of favorited songs within a favorited album below. As you can see, the Mark Hollis album is favorited in Roon with three songs in that album favorited as well. However, when I look at Qobuz, only the album is favorited, not the songs.

If an album is in the library in Roon, it is favorited in Qobuz, and vice versa.

Favoriting an album or track with :purple_heart: in Roon does not have a representation in Qobuz. (To favorite :purple_heart: an album or track in Roon, the album must first be in the library in Roon.)

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Both really. The favorite mechanism in Qobuz is used to indicate to Roon which albums or tracks Roon should add to its library.

The Roon library is different from Qobuz they are not the same. Adding an album to your library creates a database object in Roon that you can then edit, which includes adding favorites in Roon. There is no mechanism to transfer that information back to Qobuz.

Well, there IS a mechanism to transfer that information back to Qobuz. The functionality does exist within the API.

For some reason, very frustratingly, Roon has decided not to transfer :purple_heart: songs over to Qobuz, only :purple_heart: albums.

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