Favorites gone missing

Why doesn’t Roon transfer your favorites to a new hub when you upgrade your pc/laptop etc?

Is it possible to transfer?

If you have setup a new machine with Roon, be sure to make a backup of the old Roon database to load on the new installation. This should preserve your favorites and edits, etc

How do you do that?

Do you need to do that before setting up new hub?

FFS that’s so difficult, complicated and so much stuffing around. I’m no IT expert. Why can’t Roon just simply transfer automatically. That’s a ridiculous process to go through. I can’t do that.

Hello @Neil_Collis, my apologies for the frustration here, I’d be happy to help. Is there a particular step you’re stuck on? Let me know!

It probably too late. I setup a new hub a few days ago. I had no idea that favorites didn’t automatically transfer across to new hub. When I realized my favorites had disappeared I started to investigate why. I came across posts saying favorites are lost when setting up new hub. So I contacted you at Room to find out why.

I’m not good with computers and find it all too overly complicated and frustrating. Every bit of software is different and getting so much equipment setup to work together is difficult also. There should be a industry standard for everything. Software, equipment and connections, cables, wifi, bluetooth, ant. If you eventually get things to work it always seems short lived before something goes wrong. Its all just so time consuming shorting out this ■■■■■■■■ all the time. It’s just crazy!!!

Just so disappointed now if my favorites have gone. It takes so much work and time to establish a substantial favorites list. It’s what makes using Roon worth it. Now without favorites it’s just a list of albums with probably 90% of it stuff you don’t want to listen to. I don’t use Roon much as it is . It’s already hard to justify the cost. But now not being able to just hit favorites and play. I will be even less likely to use it. Grrrrrr…

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