Favorites - No sort & filter available? (Qobuz as main source)

How do I sort and filter the “Favorite Albums” view in Roon? I started a ROON trial to improve my QOBUZ experience …

It appears to me, it only shows albums sorted by the timestamp when added to favorites (same as Qobuz). Which would come to my surprise, as Roon in general has a very convenient UI, but sorting/filtering “everywhere” should be a truly basic functionality.


Hi @Juergen_Kronz,

The best way to do this is from the Album Browser.

You can select only Qobuz content by choosing Focus > Inspector > Storage Locations > Qobuz Library:

From here you can save this Focus using Bookmarks:

This will allow you to have easy access to this Focus any time you’d like. From here you can apply any sort, filter, or Focus you’d like on your Qobuz library. If you have any questions about this just let us know!

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Hi @dylan

many thanks for your impressively fast and accurate reply - helped a lot and made me step into interesting features all in a sudden.

Looking forward to explore all these features now.

Very best regards

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