Favoriting an album in the Qobuz app doesn't add it to my Roon library?

It seems that recently, I can only add albums from Qobuz to my Roon library through the Roon app itself, but it used to be that I could “heart” an album in the Qobuz app and it would then appear in Roon. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Is anyone else having issues with this? I find the Qobuz app’s “Discover” tab helpful and it’s how I often find new releases of classical albums. I like to be able to just add them to my Roon library from the Qobuz app, but the albums I favorite in the Qobuz app no longer show up in Roon. I have to search for it in Roon, then add it.

It’s working just fine for myself with the good old heart it in Qobuz app method.
Just this morning in fact.
But one thing you can try if you have not already.
Go to settings: services: Qobuz and try forcing sync.
See if that works.


Thank you! I don’t think I ever had to do that before; it would just appear when I restarted Roon (just tested, that doesn’t work), but forcing sync did add it. So I guess if I can get it to work that way, that’s fine.

There will always be a delay between adding them in Qobuz app and them appearing in Roon, whilst it’s a two way sync it’s not synced from their app to Roon their app has no idea about Roon. Roon itself at intervals will perform a sync to Qobuz or Tidals database of your account and then sync any items added.so it won’t be instant. From Roon to Qobuz is instant as it’s pushing out to their db straightaway as well as adding it to your library. If after a few hours they are not synced then something isn’t right and support may need to look into it.